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Welcome to the official website of Paul Roberts and the Fresh Music All-Star Bands.  As musicians based in Augusta, GA, we are very pleased to bring live music to many wonderful occasions in the Central Savannah River Area...

Most of the occasions are happy - weddings, receptions, parties, banquets, corporate events.  Some are more serious - formal ceremonies, worship and memorial services.  But ALL of the occasions are very important to the people who celebrate them, and we take a special delight in being a part of it all by providing live music.

So, what can we bring to the party?  Well, we can provide a kickin’ big dance band or a groovin’ small pop and jazz combo, a hot New Orleans Dixieland/Cajun band or a pure country bluegrass ensemble, a traditional Celtic folk group or a contemporary Christian band.  We can also provide classical ensembles - singers, strings, brass, woodwinds in large and small combinations.  In other words, we can bring a lot!

We hope you will enjoy snooping around our site and that you’ll drop in again from time to time as we make it bigger and better. The words and pictures * change frequently as we provide more music on more occasions for more people.  And please let us know if we may contribute live music to help YOU celebrate something important!

                         Paul Roberts

                         Fresh Music All-Star Bands

                         Augusta, GA


* Site photos by David Russell, Jack Chandler, and Jennifer Maslyn

Great Times.  Great Friends.  Great Music.

They all go together!